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        The Oregon Planning Commission recently reviewed the request for a Special Use permit in an A-1 Agricultural zoned district at 6733 Seaman Road for the purpose of operating a kennel with seven dogs.

        The matter was deferred to a future planning commission meeting following a discussion on the issue.

        The applicants/owners are Walter and Yvonne DuPont. A kennel is generally not a permitted use in an agricultural district, according to James Gilmore, the city’s building & zoning commissioner.

        In 2001, the city passed an ordinance that permitted only three dogs per household. The reason for the ordinance was because there were constant complaints from neighbors about noise and odor of households with multiple dogs, according to Mayor Mike Seferian, who has a seat on the five-member planning commission.

        After many years of discussion and trying to come up with a solution, the decision was made to allow up to three dogs per household because something had to be done, said Seferian. The city grandfathered in multiple dog households that went beyond the three dog limit at the time the ordinance was passed. If someone has more than three dogs and wishes to have them housed in the city legally, the only avenue is to apply for a kennel permit.


Permit difficult

        If someone wants to apply for a kennel permit, it would be difficult to grant if it was in an R-2 zoned property, which is like a subdivision, said Seferian. In an R-1 district, the odds are a little better, but still very difficult to do because the city wants to remain consistent with its ordinance.

        The Project Review Committee had no objections to the proposed kennel because it is located in an A-1 Agricultural zoned district, but suggested to the commission to find out how the owners are going to take care of the waste from the animals.

        Yvonne DuPont said they dispose of the waste by putting it into grocery bags and throwing it in the garbage. She said that six of the dogs are little. They have three Shih Tzu’s, three Toy Poodles and an Alaskan Malamute. Two of the dogs are puppies.

        Commission Chairman Rick Orovitz asked if there were any plans on having more puppies. Also, as the dogs age and expire, would they plan on replacing them.

        DuPont said they would only replace their Alaskan Malamute after it expired because they would want another big dog. They would not replace the other dogs.


Waste management

        Seferian said the applicants could apply for the permit in two ways: They could ask to keep up to seven dogs; or they could ask to keep all of the dogs, but as they passed away and the number was reduced to three dogs, they would be limited to three dogs. However, the city law director would have to put together language in the permit that would allow them to replace the big dog before the matter went to city council. Seferian added that they also needed to have a daily waste management plan. If they did not adhere to it, they could lose their permit.

        Some residents on Seaman Road were opposed to the permit.

        Bill Mata, of Seaman Road, expressed concerns about the odor and dog waste not being cleaned up in the yard. He said he was also concerned about the noise from constant barking.

        Harold Bigelow, of Seaman Road, also voiced complaints about the barking.

        Tim DuPont, the applicants’ son, said he spends a lot of time at his parents’ house and the yard did not smell. He said they clean up the yard regularly and take their dogs to the groomer on a regular basis.

        Seferian said it was best to defer the matter until the next planning commission meeting so the city can come up with the right language and clarification can be made. Yvonne DuPont agreed.






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