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        Oregon City Council on Monday accepted bids from three contractors for the 2018 Roadway Improvement Program. The three will share in the work, according to Public Service Director Paul Roman.

       Council approved the bids of Bowers Asphalt & Paving, Inc., Quinn Concrete Construction, and Henry W. Bergman, Inc. The total cost of the project is $1,293,508.

        “Each had the lowest and best bid for the project,” said Roman.

        The project will include asphalt overlay, concrete repair, South Shore Park road improvements, Navarre Avenue resurfacing, and various pavement repairs.

        “We have a lot of base repair. We had a harsh winter,” said Roman.

        Oregon council authorized Roman to take bids for the project on January 18, 2018. Bids were received and opened on May 3.

        The project was included in the Capital Improvement budget for this year.

        Added to the list was repaving a section of Navarre Avenue. It had been part of a recent joint project with Toledo, which did not extend beyond a railroad underpass on Navarre Avenue, according to Roman.

        “Toledo would not go any further east. We asked them to do that, but environmentally there are certain limits to that project, and they couldn’t do that area under the bridge. It left a small area that would be unpaved. So we added it to our roadway project that will cover that,” said Roman.   Councilwoman Sandy Bihn said residents living between Bay Shore Road and the Bay asked her at a South Shore Park meeting whether their streets were on the list of the roadway improvement program this year.

        “They thought they were. But there is nothing on here I see between Bay Shore and the Bay. All of these projects seem to end at Bay Shore Road as they go south to Grisell,” said Bihn. “So they seem to go in other directions. I don’t know the status of these roads. Maybe someone can check it out so I can respond to them.”

        She asked Roman if they were scheduled for next year’s roadway improvement program.

        “It’s very possible,” said Roman. “We did do some roads in previous years where we did waterline replacements and so on. But these roads that are listed this year are definitely in need and definitely were the highest priority. There are a lot of roads in the South Shore Park area [on the list]. There’s quite a bit. Half of the program is in that area.”

        Roman said one of the projects in the South Shore Park area is the pavement of the walking path between Bay Shore Road and the Bay.

        Councilman James Seaman said nearly half a million dollars funding this year’s roadway improvement program is in the South Shore Park and Bay Shore Road area.

        “When you take in the walking path, that’s close to half a million dollars for that section of the city, when you add it all up,” said Seaman. “That’s a lot of money. There’s always something more that needs to be done, so I understand what you’re saying Mrs. Bihn.”

        Bowers Asphalt & Paving, Inc., of Walbridge, will receive $1,114,270 to do asphalt overlay of the following roads:

  • Aldershot Lane, from Ashcroft Drive to Lilias Drive;
  • Ashcroft Drive, from Bay Shore Road to Seaford Drive;
  • Blanche Drive from Bay Shore Road to Wildhurst Lane;
  • Boxelder Road, from South Shore Boulevard to Plympton Circle;
  • Colchester Road, from Ashcroft Drive to Seaford Drive;
  • James Road, from Plympton Circle to Lagundovie Road;
  • Lilias Drive, from Bay Shore Road to James Road;
  • Seaford Drive, from Ashcroft Drive to Lagundovie Road;
  • Sugarbush Road, from Ashcroft Drive to Grisell Road;
  • Wildhurst Lane, from Ashcroft Drive to Lilias Drive;
  • Wasterwater Treatment Plant Drive;
  • Ambleside Road, from Immergrun Drive to South Shore Boulevard;
  • Bryan Road, from Stadium Road to Lagundovie Road;
  • Grisell Road, from Stadium Road to Lagundovie Road;
  • James Road, from Grisell Road to Bryan Road;
  • Lagundovie Road, from Grisell Road to Bay Shore Road.
  • Bellcourt Drive, from Starr Avenue to Randall Drive;
  • Bellhaven Drive, from Starr Avenue to Randall Drive;
  • Randall Drive, from Wheeling Street to Holly Drive;
  • S. Whittlesey Avenue, from Starr Avenue to Luverne Avenue;
  • Bethany Avenue, from Woodville Road to Toul Avenue;
  • Blandin Street, from Garner Avenue to Oakdale Avenue;
  • Croft Street, from Sunshine Street to Oakdale Avenue;
  • Garner Avenue, from Woodville Road to Blandin Street;
  • Metz Avenue, from Blandin Street to Toul Avenue;
  • Toul Avenue, from Garner Avenue to Oakdale Avenue;
  • Watts Avenue, from Blandin Street to Toul Avenue.

Bowers Asphalt & Paving, Inc., will also do various pavement repairs to:

  • Brown Road, from Lallendorf Road to Stadium Road;
  • Coy Road, from Pickle Road to Dustin Road;
  • Pickle Road, from Coy Road to Lallendorft Road;
  • Wynn Road, from Brown Road to South limits.

Quinn Concrete Construction, Inc., of Toledo, will do concrete repair on Munding Road for $35,708. Henry W. Bergman, Inc. of Genoa, will do South Shore Park improvements for $98,985, and resurfacing a segment of Navarre Avenue for $44,545.





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