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        A Navarre-Dustin-Isaac Streets stakeholder’s meeting will be held on June 5 at 9 a.m. in Oregon Council Chambers to discuss projects along Navarre Avenue.

        The focus of the discussion will address the following:

        •Long-term plans for the Core of the Community;

        •Navarre Avenue Safety Grant and possible future applications;

        •Public art in the downtown Oregon areas;

        •Food trucks at the Farmer’s Market.

        Although the meeting is public, City Administrator Mike Beazley said the city wants to get input from stakeholders along Navarre Avenue – those who would be impacted the most by the projects under discussion.

        “Those are property owners in the immediate area. We have a mailing list and we have reached out to them,” he said. “We want them to know that these are the things we are looking at.”

        Long-term plans for the “Core of the Community” involve goals to develop mixed use zoning between Pickle Road and Navarre Avenue. “We’ll discuss the zoning overlay, some of the efforts underway to work with developers, and moving to a world past K-Mart, which closed in February. We want to work with property owners to discuss some of the options available. We want to give an update at that time about where those discussions are and what our hopes are,” said Beazley.


Farmer’s Market

        Last year, the Eastern Maumee Bay Area Chamber of Commerce helped develop the city’s first food truck and Farmer’s Market held along Navarre Avenue. “We want to do more of them this year,” said Beazley. “We want to get some input from the stakeholders on that, find out how many they think we should do.”

        The city also wants to continue discussions on improving the appearance of the downtown area with the use of art, he said. The city is looking at art projects at the gateway at I-280 as well as in other locations.

        “We’ve talked about perhaps painting murals on the back of the buildings that face Dustin Road,” he said. The city may partner with the arts commission or tap into the talents of Clay High School student artists to achieve those goals, he added.

        “We’re looking at a variety of options,” he said.


Navarre Safety

        The city plans to extend the Navarre Avenue Safety project further east to Coy Road. The city wants to hear from businesses along the road if they support those plans.

        “We want to know whether they think the project is working,” he said. “Some of those are businesses adjacent to the improvements, and some stakeholders would be property owners immediately east of the area that’s already been improved.”

        The recently completed Navarre Avenue Safety Project involved implementing various safety and aesthetic improvements along Navarre Avenue between I-280 and Isaac Streets Drive to reduce crashes and improve safety. The city received grant funding from the Federal Highway Administration through the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for the project. Constructed started early last year and was completed in November.

        Some businesses in the area were initially concerned that the project would cause inconveniences to their customers. But meetings informing them of what it entailed helped allay those fears. The city wants to hear from those property owners to get feedback on the project and to hear from residents and businesses further east down Navarre Avenue who would be impacted by a second round of improvements to the east.

        “We want to find out how it’s working out for the businesses along there, whether the customers are getting used to it, and learn from them a little bit,” said Beazley. “We will give them an update on the traffic information that we have about how we think it’s going. The city is interested in continuing those improvements as you go east toward Coy Road. We feel like it’s working, but we want to listen a little bit and get a sense of what we can learn from the first improvements we made and do better on the next one. We want to get a sense from the group about whether we should keep going in that direction.

        ”The project included the construction of a median along Navarre Avenue, bulb out and median openings to accommodate U-turns and emergency access, and the construction of a public road between Wheeling Street and Navarre Avenue, located northeast of the intersection, to the Freeway strip mall to improve access to area businesses as well as provide access for emergency vehicles. Other improvements included upgraded traffic signals, the addition of a second left turn lane for southbound Wheeling Street, resurfacing to improve pavement skid resistance, waterline replacement and other related work.




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