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Oregon City Council will hold a public hearing on Nov. 28 at 8 p.m. to review a Special Use Exception (SUE) permit that was issued last year for a one year probationary period to allow chickens to be raised in a residential district at 935 S. Wynn Road.

Last year, David Pullella, the owner of the property, had requested the SUE to raise six chickens, four rabbits, two ducks, two goats, four turkeys, two swans and four pheasants on two acres. His request was later amended for a permit to raise just six chickens. The Project Review Committee had no objections to the request, but had recommended that a plan be submitted and approved for waste removal and housing.

Pullella had planned to raise chickens to lay eggs in the R-1 Low Density Residential District. The chickens would be fenced in. A coop would be located behind a 10 foot by 12 foot shed, about 250 feet from the road. He also planned to build a run for them.

Some area residents opposed to the SUE had raised concerns about possible odor, noise, and attraction of coyotes to the neighborhood with the availability of an additional food source.

Pullella had said the chickens would be fed and watered daily, the coop would be cleaned every couple of days, the waste would be used in his garden, and a fence would be buried deep enough to keep coyotes from digging underneath. Mayor Mike Seferian, who is on the Planning Commission, had asked for a one year probationary period with the possibility of renewal, to determine whether it was a good fit for the area and Pullella’s plans had been carried out.

The Planning Commission at an Oct. 18 meeting reviewed the permit and voted 5-0 to recommend that the SUE be renewed permanently.

Pullella said at the meeting that he has not had any incidences with the chickens, coyotes or raccoons, which was a concern that had been raised earlier. Everything is clean and there is no odor.

Rick Orovitz, a member of the Planning Commission, asked Pullella if he was using the waste from the chickens as a fertilizer in his garden as he had said he would.

Pullella said he was.

James Gilmore, Commissioner of Building and Zoning, confirmed there have been no complaints from neighbors, and an inspector was sent out to check the property, which appeared to be in excellent condition.

“We didn’t have any complaints during the year,” Gilmore told The Press last week. “We didn’t see hardly anything out there. We had a tough time even locating the chickens. They were there, though.”

Seferian last year said he had some inquiries from residents interested in raising chickens for fresh eggs.

Gilmore said there have not been any more requests since Pullella’s last year, though it has become a fad in some bigger cities to want chickens.

“In other communities, like Toledo, you’re allowed so many chickens per household. It’s kind of an urban thing that’s going on. Chicago allows it. People want fresh eggs. It’s something the mayor thought we may want to look at. We just haven’t done it as far as creating some kind of ordinance to accommodate residents who want chickens,” said Gilmore.

No expansion
Elizabeth Hesling, of Wynn Park Drive, wanted some clarification of whether only chickens were being raised on the property, or whether Pullella had plans for something more like horses, pigs or goats.

Seferian said Pullella was not asking for anything more than chickens. Seferian said the permit was issued last year for a one year probationary period with a one year option for renewal as a compromise to neighbors to ensure things would go as expected and that there would be little minimal impact to the neighborhood.

If there were problems, the city could deny the renewal.

The matter now goes before city council for approval on Nov. 28.



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