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Oregon is submitting an application to the Ohio EPA seeking a $16.2 million loan for ozone improvements to the water treatment plant.

The Ohio EPA is making funds available through the Water Supply Revolving Loan Account to provide financial assistance to communities needing to make such improvements.

The plant’s $17.6 million Harmful Algae Bloom Infrastructure Improvements Project will destroy microcystin – a toxin that was responsible for the three day tap water ban in Toledo last year. Oregon was unaffected by the toxin, but has nonetheless been upgrading its water treatment plant to improve water quality. The water source for Toledo’s and Oregon’s water treatment plants is Lake Erie’s Western Basin, which has been plagued by large blue green algal blooms for years. The raw water intake for each community is about a mile apart.

In addition to destroying microcystin, Oregon’s water treatment improvements project will reduce disinfection byproducts, and improve water taste and odor.

The project consists of adding ozone treatment to settled water at the plant and modifying the existing filters for biological active filtration (BAF). Ozone system equipment includes an ozone generator and power supply unit, liquid oxygen storage, vaporization, nitrogen boost, cooling water systems, an ozone destruct system, and ozone diffusion and contacting facilities. `Ozonated’ water will then flow to the existing gravity filters modified with new underdrains and granulated activated carbon media.

Ozone is considered highly effective in removing toxins from the water. It breaks up contaminants into very small particles deemed too small for the city’s current filtration system to properly remove. BAF, which goes hand in hand with ozone treatment, is the use of natural microorganisms that will remove the contaminants and further oxidize and remove material from the water.

Ozone also reduces the use of chlorine and its byproduct, trihalomethane (THM), an environmental pollutant, in the treatment process. Chlorine is used to treat elevated levels of algae toxins, such as microcystin, in the drinking water. When chemical disinfectants such as chlorine react with organic material in the water, new compounds known as Disinfection Byproducts (DBP’s) are formed. Ingesting high levels of trihalomethane, a DBP, over time can cause liver, kidney, and central nervous system problems. It can also pose an increased risk of cancer.

Last year, council approved a contract with ARCADIS, US Inc., for design engineering services for the project.

“The city did receive special financing for this project,” Public Service Director Paul Roman said at a council meeting on Monday. The Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) is providing a $1.4 million grant, and the city is receiving a 0 percent interest loan through the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

“The cost and the schedule are relatively conservative,” said Roman. He had hoped to have the project completed by the 2017 algae season, but instead it will be done by the end of 2017.

“I know we all agree this is a very important project,” said Councilman Jerry Peach. “This represents the financing to make this project happen. This will help assure that the City of Oregon keeps ahead of the curve and maintains the safe drinking water that we have been providing to the community and assures that drinking water will continue to be not only safe to drink but the highest quality of any water system around.”


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